Putting a salvage Porsche transmission in an SLC

Here’s a cool video that not only outlines a program from GM where you can build your own LS7 or LS9 engine, but also is a sort of follow-up to my previous post on finding a transmission. In the video you can see what a G97/50 from a 997 Porsche looks like, which is very similar to my G96/50 from a 996 GT3. I had the work done by the same folks that are mentioned, Stan from GBox.

Luckily for me, I’m mating a Porsche transaxle to the engine it was taken off from and I can reuse the starter and clutch. Both aren’t the cheapest parts when you compare to your run-of-the-mill starters and clutch packs. The one thing that does need to happen on my car is an adapter plate like is done in the video. You’d think you don’t when it’s an engine and transaxle from the same car, but it turns out that when you invert the transaxle, the bolts slightly conflict and so the transaxle needs to be mounted at a 3 degree offset. This is no biggie, even though you now need to move the clutch by the thickness of the spacer. All things that have been done successfully before.

Here’s the video that shows the engine build, the transmission and mating the two together:

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