A working IVI system prototype

I’ve written about the IVI system for the SLC before here, but since then I’ve made a few changes, added a few things and put together a live demo of it. Before you check out the demo below, here is a quick overview of the progress I’ve made:

  1. I bought an embedded computer with the right Intel Crown Bay chipset, but had to return it of a variety of reasons to with hardware support and functionality. Instead I will be using the Nexcom VTC 1000 system, which is the Tizen IVI reference platform. Couple of questions around the display which I need to work out before I order, but that will be the one.
  2. I rewrote the front end from scratch to use jQuery mobile and a different gauge library. This allows various gestures and much more customizable gauges.
  3. I bought a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) hub that connects via USB to provide both pressure and temperature of the tires.

Check out the video below – a live demo of what I’ve put together so far. I would really appreciate any feedback you might have on current functionality, features to build, data to visualize (and how), logical organization/flow, etc. Note that things like nav and audio are part of a base system and this app is just meant for the car data. Either comment below or send me an email at tim@timtt.com. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “A working IVI system prototype

  1. Great article. I’ve been asked to create an IVI system for a tractor, and I’m in the early stages of researching the best components + software for the task. Your post has helped me out tremendously by pointing me in the right direction. I’ve been looking into Meego and Qt, but do you recommend Tizen and HTML5?

    • Cool, glad you stumbled upon this and that it’s been helpful. MeeGo has been retired and the follow-on project is Tizen. From what I understand, due to Nokia going to all-Windows, they were no longer interested in MeeGo and so Samsung and Intel decided to start the project over from scratch thus giving rise to Tizen. If you want to go Linux IVI, Tizen seems to be the clear winner.

      HTML5 is good and bad. It’s not as performant, but it’s easier to program in. You can write a good portion of your app using an editor and web browser unless you need to hook into the Tizen APIs. Qt is much more involved and you have to compile every time, etc. I’m not sure where the Qt APIs stand on Tizen as their initial focus was on the HTML5 ones.

      Hope this helps a little more…

  2. it’s great that i’ve finally found some experiments on tizen IVI .. i’m planning to do my graduation project on tizen IVI .. and I was wondering if I can contact you to ask you questions that i’m sure i’ll have plenty of once I get started .
    Thanks 😀

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