Input requested: the MBA tech curriculum

Over the last few months I’ve spoken to a number of professors and staff from Chicago Booth and they basically have one general question: “how can we get students better prepared for a job in Silicon Valley?”¬†First off, I’d like to say that it’s great to see Career Services, deans, marketing professors, entrepreneurship centers and various others reach out to me and fellow Booth grads in the Bay Area to get our input. I felt we had very productive sessions. Moreover, it seems like you do appreciate the often candid feedback I (we) provide and are willing to consider our ideas.

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I’m an MBA student, how do I get a startup job?

You: Second-year MBA, smart, driven, hard-working, confident that the hard work will pay off quickly in a meritocratic startup. Desires to work in one with the goal of starting your own sometime.

This feels like a daunting challenge, especially when you see all those fancy employers doing on-campus interviews and moreover, your classmates getting jobs and signing bonuses. Here’s how I suggest you break this down, based largely on good advice I was given and the path I followed myself.

Color-blind products will fail: defining a new phrase

Yes, I’m color blind (a little bit), but that’s not what I mean. I’m referring to Color, a new photo-sharing iPhone app that’s the fastest pivot ever. The launch was PR’d to hell as a new way of sharing photos with social/proximity/location/buzzword-do-jour added in. Yet a couple days later, after a lot of people being perplexed by what the app is, the CEO is now on the record as saying it’s more of data-mining company than anything else. Oh really. Touch√©.

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