My first documented pass

I’ll likely have a few more racing videos soon, but here’s the first pass that’s on tape vs. a car that’s a legitimate contender. I’ve passed plenty of cars which were clearly slower, but this is a car I chased for a while, got close, struggled to get by due to the huge power disadvantage and then finally passed on what may have been the only possible spot – a long 180 degree sweeper.


To give some context, I’m driving a 1988 Honda CRX with a 4-cylinder early 90’s STI engine that maybe does 100 HP on a good day. Light car, good handling in corners, but lowish power and no chance on the straights. The Crown Vic has an 8-cylinder and an upgraded 5-speed Tremec transmission. Mediocre cornering, seemingly ok brakes, huge power in the straights.

So it came down to driver skill and I’ve been going from bad/slow to sluggish/hey-I-can-finally-pass-someone. Woohoo!

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