Henceforth you shall be called the GT3-M

Over the years, I tossed a lot of Porsche-like, but not Porsche-already-used, names around. GT-RS was a longtime favorite, but I always wanted kinda wanted to keep GT3 in the name, so I’ve now settled on GT3-M. There are a couple reasons why.

First and obviously, it has a Porsche GT3 engine – I wanted that to be fairly easy to deduce. Second, M is intended to mean mid-engined, since that’s different from all Porsche GT3 except for the very latest GT3 RSR race car that finally switched to a mid-engined configuration in 2017. And last but not least, the capital M exists in the Porsche script due to the Macan, so it was easy to get something printed that looks right.

So the old SL-C logo got sanded off and on went a black plate made of excess materials with a GT3-M sticker that cost me whopping $6 on eBay.

Here’s the before:

Completed plaque:

New Porsche GT3-M plaque mounted:

3 thoughts on “Henceforth you shall be called the GT3-M

  1. So ein aussergewoehnliches Schriftdesign. Habe versucht es nachzumalen. Elegant und passend für ein elegantes Auto. Yout Mum

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